theyusufs' Favorite SkinCare Products of 2017 

The Youth Preserve Face Cream by Fresh is Nuni’s favorite daily moisturizer. She has a dry skin type and feels this product does a great job hydrating her skin; its lightweight and not heavy like most of the moisturizers that are meant for people with a dry skin type. This product is free of parabens and sulfates, it's super hydrating and leaves you with a dewy/glowy complexion.

The Origins GinZing gel moisturizer is Nasteha’s favourite moisturizer. She has an oily skin type and this product works well for her. It provides the perfect amount of moisture without making you feel greasy or oily. It’s not ideal for someone with dry skin because it’s very lightweight and absorbs into the skin right away. It smells great and is also free of harmful parabens and sulfates.

We love Asian skincare, and love all the products we got to try out from Purlisse. More specifically, we are both loving the sheet masks from Purlisse. We both agree that our skin looks and feels better after each use. These masks leave our skin looking softer, brighter, and a lot more moisturized. Nasteha’s favourite is the Green Tea & Vitamin C Brightening Sheet Mask. Nuni’s favourite is the Coconut & Rice Nourishing Sheet Mask.

We use the Clinique clarifying lotion after removing our makeup. It removes any excess makeup, dirt, or oil build-up left behind after cleansing. Even when you think you did a great job of cleaning your face, it’s amazing how much more this product removes. We love that it deep cleans the skin without giving you that dry/tight feeling. 

This is the perfect body scrub. It softens and smoothens the skin; it’s made with high quality ingredients, like real brown sugar crystals and primrose, almond, jojoba and citrus oils. It's good for all skin types, and it's good for both summer and wintertime. This body scrub is very moisturizing, we both agree that you don’t even need to apply body lotion after using it. The only flaw is the hefty price tag, which we think is too expensive for a body scrub, but we love this product so much, we think it’s worth investing in.

We’ve known the benefits of turmeric since we were young girls growing up with a bunch of older sisters, aunts and our mother. East African woman have always used turmeric in their skincare routines to brighten and give the skin a glowy complexion. Turmeric is well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. After reading the ingredients, we knew this mask would be amazing before we even tried it out. We highly recommend this product if your looking to treat skin imperfections and improve overall brightness and radiance.

We originally tried this product out because it claims to protect your skin from both the sun’s UV rays and from harmful pollution. We’ve tried many different sunscreens and this is by far the best one. As woman of color, it was challenging to find a sunscreen that doesn’t leave our skin looking ashy and/or grey. This one doesn’t affect the color of your skin at all; it’s great under makeup, it's lightweight and it doesn’t make you look greasy. We’ve worn this sunscreen on vacation in extreme heat and humidity. We also wear it daily during all four seasons through out the year, and it works great in all climates.

We first were introduced to the Truth Serum after trying out a sample sized Ole Henriksen gift set. The rest of his products didn’t really do much for us, but we fell in love with the truth serum mainly because of its key ingredient; vitamin C. As you may have noticed, Vitamin C is one of our favourite skincare necessities. We wear this product under our moisturizer and we find that it helps brighten and hydrate the skin giving it a more glowy/youthful look.

We’ve used Bioderma makeup removing water for years and we have yet to find a better product. We love that it removes makeup easily without drying out the skin. It even removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner quickly and gently without having to rub hard. Soak a cotton pad with this product and remove makeup easily. We’ve even discovered recently that it helps remove makeup stains from clothing, at least right after the stain happened.

We definitely had to include the Quip Electric Toothbush on this year’s list of favorites. This toothbrush has a lot of great features, it has a timer on it and it has vibrating bristles. We just love that it encourages a better over all brushing experience and it feels like you are able to reach areas that you can’t reach while brushing manually. We love the sleek/chic design of this product, and it's great that it comes with a lid so its travel friendly.

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  1. I love this post! I am so into skincare, love the Clarifying Lotion from Clinique and Origins products. I really want to try Fresh and I’m going to buy it after hearing your review of the cream. Thanks for the tips xxx

    1. Thanks hun, glad you found this post helpful! Let us know what you think of the Fresh moisturizer, Nuni is obsessed with it lol. xoxo

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