One thing we’ve learned over the years is that being grateful can literally change your life. Coming from a war torn country, we have learned how to appreciate the little things. Growing up in a first world country, it is easy to stress about the little things. I know it’s harder said than done, but start your day with gratitude.  As soon as you open your eyes, make a mental note of all the things that you are so fortunate to have in your life versus thinking about everything that needs to be done, or worrying about everything you need or want. Also before you go to bed, think about all the positive things that made your day better, whether it was catching up with an old friend, or learning a new word (lol). All of these little positives will eventually add up and make you a happier person.



Let’s face it, we all know/knew a person or persons in our life that makes us feel unhappy. Whether you know it or not, all company is not good company. Sometimes people can just drain your energy with negativity without knowing it. With that said, focus on those who do make you happy and figure out ways to continue nourishing those relationships. Because these are the people who will likely impact your life in a positive way. Give that power to the people who deserve it.



Taking some time to take care of yourself is among other things, the best way to recharge yourself. Whether you’re a student or a mother of five, we all get sucked into a daily routine and forget to take care of ourselves. We manage this by simply scheduling time into our calendars. It’s so easy to keep pushing back the time, but by penciling it in, you learn to look forward to this time. Let’s stop neglecting ourselves in 2017!



I know this is literally on everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list already. But who will actually do it is the question. This is not a “New year, new me” speech. As two women in totally different stages of womanhood, we re-learn this lesson every single year. We’ve learned that just because you are predisposed with beautiful bone structure, it just might not withstand the test of time. We’ve also learned that even though everyone tells you how much having children changes your body, you will never know just how much until it actually happens to you. We’re not advocating you jump on the first gym membership you get sucked into come January, but we’re recommending you at least take baby steps towards getting physically active. Whatever that means for you, just get moving. There is really no better time than today. Think of it this way, eating healthy and being physically active not only shows on your face, it contributes to a better mood and an overall better outlook on life.





We all have a passion for something. Some of us live and breathe it everyday. But most of us are not fortunate enough to see it. Take us for example. We have lived normal/wonderful lives. Went to school, got married, had children, and pursued different careers. Although these are some of the most amazing milestones in a girl’s life, it is also just as important to realize and nurture your passion along the way. We are surrounded by beautiful and intelligent women with amazing careers. But somehow, we often have conversations about what we would love to be doing that we are currently not. If you’re fortunate enough to be in the beginning stages of your career planning, we encourage you to be relentless in pursuing whatever your passion is. However, if you are further into your career, it is never too late to grab that bull by the horn and pursue your passion. Just commit to taking one step each day into the direction you feel you should have gone. Before you know it, you will be a lot happier and proud of yourself for doing it. We are doing just that this year, and so far, we’re proud of ourselves for taking that first step.