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After giving birth to my son, like many women I suffered from a bit of postpartum hair shedding and a lot of breakage. A friend of mine recommended the Carol’s Daughter Monoi repairing collection. I didn't really have first hand experience with the brand so I wasn't too familiar with it. However, I was willing to try anything to get the shedding and breakage to stop and for my hair to go back to it’s normal pre-pregnancy condition. It was a bit frustrating for me as I felt like I was losing so much volume. 
The line claims that you will see 98% less breakage. And trust me, I was very skeptical because I thought to myself, that is a very big claim. After only one week I noticed such a significant change in the texture and overall appearance of my hair. I've never really experienced this type of change with any other hair product, hence why I want to share it with anyone who is experiencing the same issue. My hair instantly felt fuller, stronger and shinier. Ever since I started using these hair products for the last three months, I have even noticed significant hair growth. Assuming this is due to the fact that the breakage has subsided. 
I was skeptical at first; so I started off with the Carol’s Daughter Monoi collection starter kit, which comes with a small size of the shampoo, conditioner, and repair mask. I also bought a regular size of the oil since it wasn't included in the kit. I quickly ran out after about a month of consistent use, so I proceeded to purchase the full size version of the shampoo, hair mask and oil. I skipped the conditioner this time, because I figured every time I wash my hair, I can just use the hair mask to condition my hair. I felt like I had less use for the conditioner.

I love that the shampoo is sulfate free and doesn't strip your hair of natural oils. But, it gets super foamy leaving my scalp feeling squeaky clean. 

The conditioner does a great job at detangling my hair. It applies really well and it smells AMAZING! But to be honest, for me, it's not as necessary as the other products in this line.

This is literally the best hair mask I've ever used. It leaves my hair so smooth and silky. Which is not easy for my hair type. I have super curly/thick hair. With each use, I felt like this mask was bringing so much more moisture and shine back into my hair.  

I love oils. I am such an oil fanatic. So naturally, I love this one. It’s amazing to use on wet or dry hair. I apply it right before I blow dry my hair straight, and also during my morning routine when I get ready. I usually apply it around the ends of my hair. It’s super conditioning and strengthens my hair. This product is definitely my favorite in this collection. I use it the most, and I feel like it provides permanent resolution for my breakage problem. I also appreciate that it is lightweight. This is important for me because I love to preserve my blowouts for a few days and not weigh it down with heavy oils.

Three Piece Starter Kit


Full Size Gift Set

It's been three months since I started using Carol's Daughter Monoi Collection and it is safe to say that it is the best hair care line I've ever purchased. This line does everything it claims. It solved my breakage issue and helped with the shedding, resulting in more volume and shine to the overall look and feel of my hair. I've recommended it to a few people since; including my sister and everyone has had the same comments. We both highly recommend the entire collection. Above we have linked the starter kit, at just $26, it lasts about a month if you want to give these products a try for yourself. We've also linked a full size three piece set for $66, we wanted to include this set because we think it would make a great gift.


    1. Thanks Shariyka!! These products work so well for us, we just had to share. Let us know what you think if you end up trying it out. xx

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