I am by no means an interior designer. However, furnishing my entire house has taught me a lot about the business. Designing your space is never an easy task for anyone. Especially when you have a full time job, and two kids to care for. Thankfully, I was never an impulsive buyer. To me, this was what saved me from filling my home with trendy finds versus things I love that could potentially grow with me. Below are three important rules I have followed when creating my own perfect little space.


Dinnerware: Ikea

Gold Tray: (Similar Item: JossandMain)



Be Patient
Those who know me personally will get a good laugh when they see this. This is because it took me about three years to decorate my house. Not for any other reason, but simply because I wanted to buy things that I absolutely love. Once you start buying things, it’s easy to get carried away and pick up all sorts of things just because it’s in style at the moment. Or because it was “BOGO” or whatever other tactic sales people use to get you to carry out leftover merchandise. Try not to get sucked into the mess, just buy what you love and you will appreciate it much longer than that Christmas vase that you picked up for $2.99 in the clearance section. Trust me! It’s not worth it!


Floor Mirror: Zgallerie

Glass Hurricane: (Similar Item: Pier 1)



Have an Open Mind
By this I mean: don’t limit yourself to one place. Just because your mother did all of her marital furniture shopping at Macy’s or Leon’s (For our Canadian friends LOL), doesn’t mean you have to. There are so many great online and brick and mortar retailers out there.  Who knows, you might even find an amazing antique piece that you can repurpose along the way. When you keep an open mind, there is no telling where you’ll find some of your favourite things. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Nothing worth having ever comes easy in this life.


Chandelier: Amazon

Moose & Deer Head: Zgallerie




You Get What You Pay For

Everything comes with a life expectancy. Some are shorter then others. With that said, you get what you pay for. You might think you’re getting a great deal for something but end up finding out exactly why you paid so little for that item. Come to terms with it and move on from it. Quality always trumps quantity. Invest a little bit more for the pieces you use daily, like your bed.


Steel Trunks: (Similar Item: Wayfair)

Dining Table: (Similar Item: Wayfair)

Dining Chairs: (Similar Item: Wayfair)