Five Fun Things To Do in Dubai

Desert Safari

We had so much fun learning about the natural heritage of the Arabian way of life before Dubai was taken over by skyscrapers. We loved hearing the interesting stories from the Bedouin elders, and exploring miles of beautiful, unspoiled desert. 

Sheik Zayd Grand Mosque

This mosque is in Abu Dhabi, which is only about an hour drive from Dubai. The incredible details and extra work that went into creating this mosque is very visible from the highway before you even enter the premises. Sheik Zayd Grand Mosque is by far among the most beautiful mosques in the world. Just like any other mosque, it’s important to dress modestly when you visit. This is to show respect for the religion and culture. 

The Gold Sooq

We found amazingly unique pieces to add to our jewelry collections. Our mother always collected fine Arabic Gold and often passed down certain pieces to us, and we have decided to continue that tradition. 


                                                                                Global Village


One of the highlights of the trip had to be our visit to the Global Village. It was like a huge amusement park but instead roller coasters and funnel cake, there are grand entrances to every country you could think of, and once you go inside you will be exposed to the wonderful food, jewelry, beauty products, and clothes from every country. We basically got to visit every country without leaving Dubai! There was so much too see and do at Global village, it was kind of overwhelming. I wish they had something like this in North America.


Hammam Spa 

It was my first time experiencing a hammam spa and it was such a delightful way to end a long trip full of many excursions and activities. We enjoyed a turkish bath, a moroccan scrub, and a relaxing massage which ended with a delicious pot of moroccan tea.