Necessary Baggage 

The only type of baggage we're into is luxury handbags. Just like every fashion girl, growing up we dreamed of building our own collection of luxury/quality handbags that we could someday pass down to our daughters. We appreciate the fine craftsmanship and detail that goes into creating beautiful handbags. When shopping for luxury handbags, here are some of the questions we ask ourselves:
1) Is it timeless? Will I hate it after a couple seasons, or can I see myself wearing this bag for years?
2) Is it a color that I can wear through out the whole year? Can I style this with everything in my closet?
3) Is the price reasonable? Will this bag hold value? Will I be able to re-sell it if I wanted to?
We want to share with you some of our favorite handbags that we have in our collection. These are the bags we rotate often that can be worn with just about anything.



This is Nasteha's current everyday bag. Its a good size that allows her to carry most of her necessities without having to carry an oversized bag. She chose this color because she found that all of her other bags are "safe" colors. So she wanted to step out of her comfort zone and try a fun color combo to help add a little bit of personality to her every day look.

Marmont Mini Chain

Nuni chose this bag because she was looking for a small signature red bag with gold hardware. Red is both of our favorite colors, finding one that was the perfect shade of red, as well as the perfect shade of gold hardware is a major wardrobe essential. She never really found anything that fit this description until this collection launched. She jumped at the chance after seeing it online. Especially since it is so reasonably priced.


Jumbo Classic Flap

Its a classic and timeless bag. When choosing this Classic Chanel, Nasteha opted out for this not so conventional patent leather material as she thought it was something that not everyone gravitates towards. At the time she purchased this bag, it was not on display in stores. After trying on a few versions, the sales associate was able to pull it out of the store inventory and Nasteha fell in love with it because she immediately felt that this version suited her "loud" personal style.


Alma BB

Its the perfect size for everyday wear. It could fit all of Nuni's essentials. Its a classic LV silhouette. This bag is super sturdy, even after 2 years of wearing it to death, it still looks pretty brand new, aside from a few small scratches on the hardware. This bag continues to go up in price every year, which was a definite selling point for Nuni.


Wallet On Chain

This is Nasteha's convenient bag. She often uses it in just about any hands free situation when she's out with the kids. Especially when traveling, grocery shopping, or any other outing that requires running around with the kids. Its a Wallet on Chain, so its perfect for leaving the house with just your cards, lipgloss and keys. And when you're done, you can just throw it in any of your bigger bags and use it as a wallet. Very multi-functional.


GG Marmont Velvet Mini

Ever since Alessandro Michele took over as Gucci’s creative director, everyone has been Gucci obsessed. We are especially loving the marmont designs. Nuni chose this bag because of the lush/soft velvet, and the true shade of gold for the hardware. This bag has the characteristics of a timeless bag. Although velvet is a delicate material, this bag is pretty wearable, as long as you don’t wear it in the rain, and you keep it away from lint by storing it in its dust bag when you’re not using it. We just love that its velvet because it adds dimension and texture to outfits.


Micro Chain Bag

This bag is from Jermey Scott’s debut collection for Moschino as the new creative director. I remember thinking how wild his designs were, and how relevant and interesting he made the brand again.  Although this was considered to be a trendy piece at the time, we always believed that this is the perfect little red bag that keeps coming back in style every few years. It's literally the most perfect shade of red that can be used to accent just about any outfit. The size is a micro, which makes it perfect for day or night.


Small Boy Bag

Nuni purchased this bag a few years ago when it was super trendy. She was a bit hesitant to invest in it and wanted to first make sure that the boy bag would become one of Chanel’s “classic” bags. Because lets face it, nobody wants to spend over $5K on a trendy bag. But she's so happy to have had the chance to add this to her collection. It is her all time favorite. She especially loves the gun metal color of the ruthenium hardware as it gives the bag an edgier look.