Have you ever heard of the term enclothed cognition?  It means the effects of clothing on the cognitive process. This explains why what I wear on a daily basis actually has somewhat of an impact on my emotions/mood. Knowing this about myself has helped me remain consistent in feeling my absolute best on a daily basis as a woman, as mom and especially as a pregnant working mom.

During my first pregnancy, I purchased one pair of maternity jeans from Asos. They were great. They lasted a lot longer than I had expected. In fact, I was wearing them a lot longer then I should have even after giving birth. Eight months after giving birth, I decided that was probably the wrong thing to do if I ever planned on getting back in shape. Needless to say, they came in handy since my second pregnancy came a lot quicker then I had expected. However, this time around, shortly after giving birth, I quickly threw them out to quickly get my waist back in order.

I am now on my third pregnancy and to this day, those Asos jeans are the only “maternity” item I have ever purchased. I never wear maternity clothes. I have nothing against them but I find it a lot more practical reinventing my existing wardrobe to fit my growing baby bump. Being pregnant in the summer is especially a lot easier as there is literally no need to wear pants…like EVER. It’s so much easier to slip in and out of flowy dresses and kimonos.

These looks have been my go-to silhouettes this Spring/Summer that have helped me accommodate my growing belly while helping me feel at my best every day. I hope you like these looks as much as I do. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

Pop of Color

There is nothing more comfortable then a T-shirt, especially when you’re pregnant. I love this not so basic tee I found at Zara. The sleeves add a little bit of a dressy feel. I paired it with a skirt also from Zara. This ribbed cotton skirt is super comfortable as it stretches from end to end.

Tunics & Tights

This Topshop Unique long shirt dress is perfect for wearing alone as a dress or even combining it with a pair of comfortable fitting stretchy pants. I got this sparkly pair from Saks about a year ago to wear to a daytime event under a sheer dress. I paired this look with a pair of River Island shoes for a day out with my sister on the town.

Kimonos and wrap dresses

I’ve always loved wrap dresses. They look great on every kind of body shape. This velvet dress is from the Who What Wear collection at Target. I threw on this kimono that I got at a vintage store. Of course I wouldn’t recommend these sky high strappy stilettos unless the only walking you’re doing is in and out of a car.


Layer it on Baby

Here I’m combining my favourite Topshop Unique long shirt dress again with a black sheer draw string waist skirt I got from Nordstrom. Helps you accentuate your waist while remaining comfortable. I paired this look with these low heel Zara sling backs.


8 thoughts on “Pregnancy Lookbook

  1. mashallah too cute, I’m going to call u for my next pregnancy for cute little outfits. But you girls are doing it you ladies are rocking it.

  2. I absolutely loveeeee this! I’ve been looking for something to reference because my bump is getting bigger and I’m gaining weight and none is my clothes are fitting so this is perfect! you look gorgeous 🙂

    1. Hi Olivia! Thanks so much! Hang in there girl. Its only a matter of time. I know its a bit weird in the beginning because you don’t know what actually fits and what doesn’t. But you get the hang of it towards the end. Hope you’re enjoying your pregnancy and taking care of yourself!

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