who we are

who are the yusufs?
just two sisters, who created a blog, about something they loved, that turned into a community of strong women...

Hi Sweeties! Welcome to The Yusufs; a space where we aim to provide inspiration to like-minded woman.

our mission

Sisters Nasteha and Nuni Yusuf are originally from Somalia, raised in Toronto, Canada, and now live in Columbus, Ohio. Growing up as young girls, they always enjoyed fashion and beauty. They often looked to one another for inspiration and found it especially enjoyable to mix and match clothing from their different styles. Their love affair with fashion has led them to team up and create a business around what they truly love. Other than their work on social media working with different notable brands, the girls also run their own creative studio THE MILLENNIAL SUITE and also own a jewelry line YCOLLECTIONS

We decided to come together and share our love of fashion and beauty, our travels and adventures, and our tips and tricks on how to look and feel great inside and out. We hope you enjoy this creative journey with us and find it inspiring.
nasteha & Nuni

some love

After 6 months from starting our blog, we both decided to quit our full time jobs, and pursue our passion and treat it like a real business and we have not looked back since. 

when did you quit your job and start blogging?

We use a Canon 5 Mark II for high definition photos when working with brands. But to be honest, we love to snap pictures on our iphones while in the moment. We realized our supporters love to see a relaxed and effortless feed.

what type of camera do you always use?

Staying consistent with creating content and engaging and building an audience of people we respect and value has really helped give us the confidence to continue over the years. 

what is your biggest tip to newbie bloggers?


Its takes a village to raise a child and we are so fortunate to have supportive husbands and a big family that is super helpful. Creating a schedule is a major key when it comes to making sure you never miss out on quality family time and special moments. 

HOw do you manage motherhood and running a business?

Long story short, Nasteha got married and moved to Ohio to be with her husband who is from there. Years later, Nuni met her husband while visiting Nasteha in Ohio and ending up moving there too.

how did you end up in columbus, ohio?

At the time we were living in 2 different countries (Nasteha was in the US, and Nuni was living in Canada). We both shared the same interest and have both dreamed of starting a fashion blog but we were too scared to finally take the steps to just start. We were inspired by our niece to start together and it ended up being a really great idea because we work so well together and continue to push each.

why did you start blogging together?

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