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These past few months have been challenging for everyone in the world. If you’re anything like me, than you have probably been stuck in the house, bored and eating everything while in quarantine. I feel very fortunate and blessed to be safe and healthy during these tough times. I’m also glad that everything is opening back up and things are looking a little bit more normal again. Juggling work and mommy duties have been extra challenging during these times. I’m so grateful to still have my sanity, but boy did I need a break! I jumped at the opportunity to go on a relaxing vacation with my husband. We both agreed that Aruba would be the perfect destination for us to really relax and take a break from all the craziness that we have been dealing with. Although we laid around and relaxed on the beach for most of our stay, I am glad we went because that is exactly what we needed. 

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation destination, that also follows Covid safety precautions, then Aruba is a great choice. And here is why: Aruba has strict mandatory entry and travel requirements. You are required to take a Covid test and upload your negative test results to the Visit Aruba website by filling out an ED Form at least 72 hours prior to your departure in order to be granted access to your boarding pass. It was also such a relief to know that they are doing a great job at implementing social distancing rules and practices at all shops, restaurants and even at the beaches. Your temperature is taken everywhere you enter, and you are required to wear a mask where ever you go. If you are looking to party and enjoy the nightlife in Aruba, then I suggest holding off on visiting at the moment because a lot of social events like bars, clubs and even festivals are currently shut down due to the pandemic. 


The goal of this vacation was to relax and be carefree. My plan was to rock my natural curls and a natural sun-kissed no-makeup makeup look, using the least amount of products as possible. Below are my everyday holy grail fuss free beach beauty essentials that I made sure to bring with me.


The highlight of my trip was seeing the majestic flamingos at Flamingo Beach. I got to feed and interact with them. I love how unbothered and peaceful they are. If you are planning to visit these beauties then here is everything you need to know. The Flamingos in Aruba are only found at Flamingo Beach, which is a private Island owned by The Renaissance Hotel. If you are staying there then you get free access to Flamingo Island. However, if you are staying at another hotel, then you can purchase a day pass to Flamingo Beach which is $125 per person. This pass covers your boat ride to and from the Island, beach towels and lunch at one of the restaurants on the island. Its a perfect place to spend the day. 


We chose to stay at Aruba Ocean Villas because of how stunning and unique this place is. Its even more beautiful in person. The room options are a selection of on the beach bungalows or over the water bungalows which are all designed differently but equally stunning. Its about 20 mins away from downtown where all the other hotels are located, so its quiet and private. It felt extra private because we were one of two couples that were there during our stay. We originally booked the Elle Marie Villa but decided to upgrade to the Chupi Villa once we got there because the Elle Marie villa is designed with an outdoor bathroom, which is super cool, but I was a little nervous about running into a lizard while using the bathroom. The food and service was amazing and the views are incredible.  We love that some of the local’s highly recommended seafood restaurants like Zee Rovers and Flying Fishbone were right next door to our resort. What I loved most about my stay at Aruba was the fresh seafood. 


I lived in fun, flowy dresses and effortless cover ups during my beach vacation in Aruba. Here are some options that are currently available in the high street that would be great for a beach getaway.


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